“Profili del mondo e della Terra”/"Profiles of the world and the Earth"

The project was born from a work started in 2017, whose aim was to represent the world inside the house, on the wall in front of an/my entrance, with the technique of mixed acrylic painting.

In the period of isolation (emergency COVID-19), the idea evolved with the "ZERO" intervention: perform in the quarantine period with different remote actions. The artist and the professor, two very distinct figures come together to perform "Profiles of the EARTH": to combine the extemporaneous performance with a video lesson.


The project involved five classes, in separate moments, who participated to the video lesson as when they went to the shop to learn, in silence and with respect for art and learning.

The VIDEO, backwards, links all these phases:

  •  2017 painting, the blue idea of ​​the Earth inspired by the first colour photograph of the planet, image taken from lunar space (December 1968)

  • The audio of the three astronauts as they hurried to load a colour film after having made the semicircle around the terrestrial satellite

  • "The presence" of the boys in video lesson (from 12 to 14 years).

A new phase 2 has started with the “ZERO” practical-project initiative: the presence of the pupils.

  • 2F, "profili del mondo"
  • 2E, "profili del mondo"

Colori che emergono e mutano, come a formare isole, arcipelaghi che emergono dalle acque.

Colours that emerge and change, as if to form islands, archipelagos that emerge from the waters.


Isolati come la Terra, come la Luna, sospesi dello spazio di apprendimento, ma anche, uniti dall’attrazione delle masse delle nostre orbite, la vita.

Isolated like the Earth, like the Moon, suspended from the learning space, but also, united by the attraction of the masses of our orbits, life.