Above: "SpaccaNuvola", without the black point, eye 

6. "new characters"

"THE" deck chair 2017. Here is Polyphemus. Young jesters run towards the young MorbidaGomma Prince. The man with the mask and The man who works under the sun. The woman's scream, hMmmm, "LaBomba, ahaaa", Mr. Quattro falls on the wet sand and says "the lady sculpture looks blurred, it's the astigmatic's fault". Vegetables together like jellyfish. To think, often in the space of a day, of the dead Indian. Teddy bears, beautiful, red bears. The forty-year-old man named Moses runs struck by an artichoke. Two other men, younger, with their legs raised, compete in American clothes, on the street, like two purple artichokes. The tennis ball bounces three times on the asphalt. BUM BUM The man beats the stick on the Earth. It should continue.