Franz is the first traveling sculpture (born between 1999 and 2000).

The photographs that have a single subject portray landscapes: suburbs, towns, views with streets and abandoned houses. The spectators are the passers-by who at that moment experience the place with the sculpture and its author (concentrated on taking photographs) in the place where the point of view ritual takes place. Most of the shots are characterized by a point of view that is from below: the camera is resting on the ground.

Over time, pieces of paper have been applied: every time, before going out to photograph, pieces of local newspaper torn by hand are glued onto the core of the piece, as if to add pieces of time of that place (ritual). After 2013 the sculpture has a large blue sheet that partially covers it. The photographic series includes, for the most part, the centers on the Adriatic, also recording images around the city of Ascoli Piceno (in the 2016 earthquake).

After several stops, the project resumes this year with "Franz+2021/22+2023 returns to the heart of the city". The sculpture will be exhibited in historic centers (avoided in the past, except with Venice 2013 which was supposed to be the epilogue of the photographic series). The city center is widely visited and cared for but with the new intervention we want to give another point of view of the already known.

Materials: a chair, clothes and rags, local newspapers, a pair of glasses (aviator), rope, liquid tar, blue sheet.

  • FRANZ+2008
  • ancora volte è una sagoma fotografica
  • VE2013
  • FRANZ VEnezia 2013
  • Torna SU FRANZ VE2013
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